Why Church INK?

Church INK:  Helping Leaders Inspire Their Followers...

ChurchINK.com helps organizations create print and signage collateral that communicates well and inspires people. 

At Church INK, you'll find quality printing and signage at value pricing - provided by people who understand the Church Communications context. Our goal is to ensure that customers are designing their print collateral professionally, promoting their church exceptionally and yet still budgeting wisely.

ChurchINK was started by Paul Fleming - a seasoned Church Communications leader for nearly 20 years. In addition to launching a thriving church in Portland, Oregon, Paul has led a talented Communications team at a large church in Dallas with over 12,000 in weekly attendance at 7 different campuses. The ChurchINK team consists of talented people who are actively involved in their church and love helping churches communicate. Today, thousands of customers from 46 states depend on their services to improve their brand and communicate their vision.

Church INK is not just another company. What we do is both our passion and our expertise. We look forward to helping you inspire people with great printing.